Flame resistant tactical gloves
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Flame Resistant

Fire protection

The LeatherSoft Flame Resistant Tactical Glove is designed to protect operator against assaults with fire. The FlameProTM provides flame protection for a maximum of 8 seconds combustion





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Reliable flame protection

Reliable flame

Your hands are protected by a unique
material that does not burn and does not melt

Flame attack
block sircle arrows
Flame attack
Reliable flame protection


  • Flame resistant
  • Hard knuckle and join impact protection
  • High quality calf leather is extremely soft, tightly fit and breathable
  • Tightly fitted high quality Kevlar elastic fabric for index finger enable user to easily put the finger into rifle trigger
  • Touch screen material on index finger for mobile phone usability


  • Integrated wrist loop lock the gloves position
  • Customized size available

design details

  • A convenient clasp
  • Flame resistant leather fabric
  • Anti slip layer
  • Fingertip for touchscreen

FlameProTM fabric

FlameProTM fabric provides flame protection for a maximum of 8 seconds combustion, no melt or drip after ignition
FlameProTM fabric
FlameProTM fabric

Convenient design

An integrated wrist loop aids in donning the glove and easily attaches to carabiners
iconNatural rubber knuckle
iconComfortable fit
iconBreathable material for maximum comfort
Convenient design


  • Goatskin fingertips on thumb and index
    fingers, design for touchscreen
  • Seamless index finger design
    for “no catch” trigger finger